Sunday, September 28, 2014


Since my return to my hometown earlier this year I have been smitten with its beauty, charm, people and its inspirational Blue Lake. I’d been away for so long that I wanted to play catch up and soak in everything it offered by first of all visiting the institutions which nurtured and sustained us, then cared for, educated and amused us. I couldn’t get enough of the place, threw myself into its clubs, churches and organizations. My six week stay extended to three months, then five and the reality hit home to me that I was’nt going back to Brisbane at all, this was where I belonged, this place held my history, I saw myself as a local with an essential link to this community. As early pioneers of the area, both the Bigham and Flett families (on my Father’s side) are listed as amongst our first two hundred to take up settlement. Our current family home has been in Bigham hands for 100 years or so. Dale and I have shifted our thinking towards settling in Mount Gambier and have taken the first steps towards the huge task of moving a couple who have had a huge interest in the heavy vehicle industry. When local council elections were announced and I became aware that the Mayor was retiring, I could see that this largely ambassadorial role was one very suited to my outgoing personality and hence put my name on the ballot. Apart from my writing, I have had two vocations, first as a teacher of business in the TAFE system and then later managing our own heavy vehicle repair business. Planning, budgeting and building have been the focus of my business life, culminating in the ownership and running of a large heavy vehicle repair workshop and an investment portfolio which included ownership of thirteen properties, our own workshop, high rise apartment on the Gold Coast, land and other residential townhouses and residences There is a lot of good work being done by all local authorities right now. I look around with fresh eyes and like what I see, but there is always room for improvement, just as it is easy to look backwards critically. Mistakes with appropriating funds hit already cash strapped ratepayers heavily. I see a future for the city where we keep treading along the same path with a bit of tweaking here and there. We must preserve that which makes us unique at all costs. Quite apart from the brilliant way of life we have here, we must protect our heritage, and our fragile environment. We must be the tourism jewel in the crown, the limestone coast at the end of the Great Ocean Road. Seeing the big picture here is important, rather than plowing funds into projects like the newly revamped Railway precinct which does not have popular appeal. We have the attraction which everyone wants to come to see, but we have not yet been able to present our lake in the five star manner which it deserves. There is a lot about ones lakes experience which needs to be improved. I think that one of the bigger things is about motivating our community to really care about the preservation of what they hold sacred about their location and to share in its development. We need to put the community back into the community. We have a wonderful brigade of volunteers shoring up our local nursing homes, hospital, clinics, service groups, churches, sporting organizations, but I’m wondering when we close our doors, do we think about the people next door, those down the street and those living in our block. I think that we’re at risk of riding along on a wave of complacency about how well we’ve done and are losing our grasp of the basic fundamentals of self sustainability that has and always should be the backbone of this far flung stretch of the coast. Too many of us have the big city syndrome. I would like to see us all pull together and get back to the large country town syndrome where caring and sharing and working for the common good was the norm. Please contact me at any time with any suggestions regarding ideas, help or encouragement. Your voluntary help to get my campaign across the line at the Polls would be much appreciated. I have been looking for a challenging position like being the mayor and I look forward to taking up the challenge. My natural friendly smiling disposition suits this ambassadorial role and I look forward to promoting goodwill now in a formal way. Congratulations to all my fellow mayoral candidates, who have made the decision to take a leadership role in working for the betterment of our community. I look forward to meeting you in the near future and fostering friendships with you.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


We started our day by renewing acquaintances with our Inala friends and leading their (shortened) parade proudly conveying one veteran each in our two jeeps down to Memorial Park. Dale then lined up ahead of me to carry aging veterans through the streets of Brisbane. My vets and I had a ball! Co-incidentally all three comrades were from the 2nd 9 Division (my father’s) and we were all wearing regimental ties. Theirs’ were blue indicating their roles in the artillery and mine was green showing my father’s tank driving and instructing cavalry role! It was exciting to have this commonality and we were able to share stories regarding troop placements, medals and badges. Sharing the jeep with them was sheer joy as we lapped up the attention of film crews interviewing them and their family, friends and other well wishers paying tribute to them. My veterans weren’t sure about taking the salute from Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley and reckoned that I had to take it for them. (I did not.) We unanimously decided to pull up at the pub for a beer afterwards. Due to the large number of golf buggies at hand, the jeeps were largely not required (very unusual and disappointing to only get one lap).
On our final “thank you” lap, I filled my jeep with Vietnamese students to the delight of the crowd. Their enthusiastic waving of the Australian flag drew a lovely response from our Governor, as she called out showing her enthusiasm for them. Four large vehicles turned up on the day, Michael and Emiel’s Studebaker, Nigel and Lisa’s Blitz, Doug’s GMC, and the more newly acquired ex Swiss Army 1962 Mercedes’Benz Unimog S404 owned by Geoff Jackson. In catching up with Geoff, I learned that he was really trying to make the most of his inaugural Anzac Day trip out in the Unimog. The Unimog, formerly owned by the Swiss Army part of NATO, “saw no action, I guess,” said Geoff. Starting out at the 7.00am Goodna early morning parade, he joined in with Brian Yates who’d brought along his jeep and trailer. Then onto the 9.15am Bundamba parade where he was the only military vehicle present. “They were very pleased to have me“, said Geoff. “ I knew that the club was looking for jeeps in the city, so I thought at least the Unimog will help to swell the numbers a bit.” Geoff made a beeline for Elizabeth Street where he was just in time to join in our “thank you” lap.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 A New Year's Resolution - Life Back on Track!

It’s now five years since the loss of our “income generating mechanism” and it’s time to move on. We had sold off all our real estate and share holdings, apart from our home and a block of land, to invest in a leveraged managed funds scheme called Storm Financial. Despite being in a downwards spiral sending good money after bad from mid 2008, we were assured that we would be in a position to ride out the long drawn out “storm”. However the dawn of a new year, 2009, revealed the extent of our loss with the foreclosure of Storm Financial Pty Ltd and the shutting down of its remaining funds under management by various Margin Lending Financial Institutions. Weathering the aftermath and facing utter devastation in retrospect has been the same lonely path for us followed by any other catastrophe survivor. The self flagellation, the panic, jealousy, exaggeration, loss of self importance, helplessness, isolation, loss of independence and dignity, desire to self destruct, all these processes begin. Then follows the reality that we can’t go back and yet we can’t seem to break free of the daily grind to “break even,” and when “untouchable reserves” of funds also start to dwindle. Now, looking back, these five years have not been lived in “financial privilege” as we had planned, but the events which have filled our lives have meant that we do and have exciting lives which came about by the choices and decisions we made previously. The birth of three more grandchildren and the opportunities of “grandparenting” we therefore experienced would sufficiently cover the love and support we were guaranteed by being close to family. Comfort and patience from friends and colleagues who were close enough to us to recognize and repair the cracks appearing within us. Not to be forgotten are all of our “customers” who have purchased our beloved wares as we “sold off” to keep things turning over for us. Some of you more generous than others, but all of you necessary and share our indebtedness. We look optimistically towards this new year, 2013, for a conclusion to our court proceedings for restitution in the Storm Financial case, for a strengthening of Global Stock Markets and improvements in Real Estate. Dale has found work with friends at the Brisbane Markets (fruit, vegetables and flowers) and is leading a happy fruitful life mixing with new friends and renewing acquaintances in the local Rocklea mechanical nexus. As for me, I’m looking for a new employment opportunity, making a fresh start, keeping my options open, utilizing any of my amazing skills, hoping to take myself to all four corners of the globe in my quest. Reigniting my blogspot will be my first priority by bringing it up to scratch with some of my jottings from these past years.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010


A Clearing Sale by nature of the concept should be and usually is the last resort for asset disposal.

Despite three months “around the clock” preparation of vehicles they were only going to reach their “rock bottom” minimums anyway.

Up to six inches of rain during the previous night magnified our anxiety. Every now and again we had to go out through the night to move precious furniture items closer into the large open shed when they were stored uncovered.

The rain continued upon awakening on Auction morning. Weather reports were bad, for showers and rain all day. In total despair we considered canceling, however, continuing on with raincoats and the covers left in place. The rain petered out around 8.30 am giving forth to a cool overcast day ideal for walking around the sale items as the sale progressed.

There are good and bad auctions and perhaps ours was a sign of the fallout of difficult economic times. A friend commented that ours’ “was the slowest auction he had ever been to.” It was more spectacular for the lack of money, in some cases recovering little more than original cost.

The Chevy, Yankee Joe (Rob McBride, Kingaroy, QLD), Diamond T (Ian Brims, Dungay) and Commer (Graeme Lean, Maryborough, VIC) all went for $12,000. The Federal 604 $3,500 (Belgium), Le Roi $5,500 (John and Jeanette Kumerow, Jondaryan, QLD), Bristol 20 crawler $2,850 (Bluie), County Crawler $9,000 (John Overall, Toowoomba, QLD), Kaiser Reo $2,600, International R190 $1,350, Buzacotts stationary engine $275, Ferguson blade $550, “The Globe” pedestal drill $170, Clayton Welder $1,500 (Rob McBride) and a misunderstanding which lead to our selling the Chamberlain for $6,000 to Jack Kammer, Minden, QLD.

The rain did stop people from attending, but with 200 bidders cards issued, lack of attendance didn’t stop the bidding. We had great support coming from family, friends, club members and neighbours both in the days leading up to and during the auction. We’ll always be grateful to these people.

People knew we were in financial trouble and were genuinely disappointed for us, but they knew our beloved went to good homes and we took stock of the situation and will march on from here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Remember start time 10.00 am, viewing from 8.00 am, (NO viewing of Kitchen and Souvenirs once Auction starts). Bring a hat and a chair and don't forget your wallet!

Set Susie Ann saucepans
Set 3 cream and green bakelite canisters
Set 5 Australian green/cream canisters
5 biscuit tins
Glass mixing bowl with lip
Pair small mixing bowls
Large/small glass mixing bowls
Green large/small glass mixing bowls
Pair white 6” vases - triangle 5
Diana cream vase 8.5” VO2
Old vase with flowers
Old 15” pitcher Stoke Dartmoor English 375D
Amber glass vase flowers
George Jones & Sons (crescent) England flower bowl
Blue ribbon glass vase
2 Casey ware vases
Ceramic gull sculpture
2 lady ceramic figurines
Pink lady figurine – Made in England
Pair green china crimoline lady’s figurines
Fruit bowls - Green glass bowl of fruit
Blue frosted glass fruit bowl
Collections of glasses – 13 vegemite cornflowers glasses
3 koalas glasses
3 ships at port glasses
Eta peanut paste jars – 5 peanuts cricketers
3 Eta Australian animals
2 Eta Circus glasses
3 Eta Party time
Collections of storage jars with lids - 5 brown jars
5 clear jars
5 green tinge jars
5 patterned jars
Pair Siamese cat figurines by Crestom …..
Set of 70s Nefertiti, 2 casseroles and 6 tureens
60s tureens - 6
Qty Willow pattern china, Churchill, England
Cut glass dressing table tray
Old glass decanter
hand blown decanter
Crystal - Old lead cut crystal fruit bowl
Holme Gaard crystal platter
Ritzenhoff crystal platter
4 brandy balloons, 2 Orrefors crystal, 1 Austrian Mikasa, 1 Stuart
Three legged open topped lead cut crystal bowl
Three legged rolled top lead cut crystal bowl
Signed crystal desk caddy – Linda Hammar Sweden
Old crystal ART Vannes FRANCE ornamental bowl 50s-70s
Crystal candle holder Mikasa platinum
Murano glass – white
Murano glass – green
Murano glass - brown
Green glass - green depression glass sandwich
green glass 3 leg bowl
green glass dish
large green glass vase
Green glass frosted decanter, no stopper
Green glass frosted dressing table tray
pair old green stemmed cocktail glasses
old Dutch ceramic Zassenhaus Coffee grinder
Coffee percolator – electric
Small Fowler electric jug
Large Fowler electric jug
Very old electric jug
Nilsen cream kookaburra electric jug
set of four small dinner plates – green yellow
Very old soup tureen with lid - Blue
Sandwich plate Royal Albert – royal blue orange, gold
Alfred Meakin coffee saucer and 2 cups – pink, yellow
Royal Staffordshire Honey glaze – flower arrangement and gold
J&G Meakin coaching scene - square
J&G Meakin crazed green thistles, oval
Royal Winton Grimwades – oval with handles
Lord Nelson sandwich plate – apricot and gold
Grindley sweets bowl
Alfred Meakin Platter – large with gold edge
Johnson Bros Old Chelsea platter – green ivy edge
2 bone handle pickle forks
set 4 Grosvenor Christine cake spoons
silver soup ladel
silver tray
Boxed set 6 setting Mytton Rodd silverware
Large green glass buoy
Small green glass buoy
old desk lamp
Juno Lamp USA brass
Brass naked boy foyer bell
2 brass bells
Old Velos desk calendar
Old Cast iron circular rubber stamp holder
coffee grinder Landers & Ciasa Corona
Mincer Beatrice No 1
Mincer Gem food 20 chopper Sargent & Co
Mincer Beatrice No 0
Sausage maker Chinese
pair Davenport collector wall plaques
Pates wall vase (pink fleck)
Diana cream wall vase
2 tapestries – Phar Lap 1982
Argus 300 E slide projector
Old Crane and tortoise with dragon head brass candle holder
old plastic black lady pad and pencil holder
Iron bulldog nutcracker
Pair brass geese
Persinware kitchen scales
Old shaving mirror
Conch shell
Large shell
Brain coral
Brown screw top jar, 2 x large Clear screw top jar, small clear jar
Double handled brown flagon
New Guinea mask carving artifact
Rooster coal iron
Green saucepan
Cream saucepan
Green saucepan and two colanders
Large brass plaque
Green print “A Friend in Need”
Qty assorted electrical equipment
Fireplace bellows
Cobra fireplace set
cast iron kettle
aluminium kettle, made from recycled WW2 aircraft
Box silverware
Box old bottles
Blowtorch Primus 632 #AT
40’s Ferris M94 portable car radio and speaker
Large SO picture frame
Old dressing table Mirror timber backed
Old dressing table Mirror timber backed
Mack bulldog ashtray
Mack bulldog bonnet figurine
Mack bulldog L/R engine cover badges
Pair Mack air horns
Mack plastic front grill
Mack timber truck and trailer model
KW timber truck model
Mercedes badge
IH badge
Large Brass bulldog
Southern Comfort Bar mirror
Jimmy Barnes framed poster
Peter Brock Bridgestone poster
Jaguar XJ 220 Bridgestone poster
Plasterboard backed poster – ACDC
Plasterboard backed poster - Guns’n’Roses
Plasterboard backed poster - Led Zepplin
dozen old wine
brewing kit, 1 doz tallies and container
Box magazines, Wheels of Time
Box magazines, Bacon Busters, Spooting Shooters, Fishing World
Box magazines, Water Skiing
Bar/Car fridge, Maitred Mini Fridge Model TS15CF 12V/240V
bongo drums
Akubra black hat -58cm
Red cowgirl hat
Ka-Bar fighting knife – US Marine issue etched with “Kirkegaard”
WW1 Celebration Knife
WW2 Swedish ammunition belt, three crowns
Vietnam Viet Cong ammunition belt - manufactured in Japan
ship model USS Defiance
ship model USS Saipan LAH-2
Submarine poster

Blue timber topped kitchen stool
Rocking horse
Portable toilet
kitchen stool green
kitchen stool beige
Pot belly stove fireside implements
Pine coffee table
Towel rail
timber high leg side table
pine organ pew two seater with name plaque
old pine washstand with single drawer
pine shelf and bookcase – blue paint
pine cheval mirror
pair black stools
3’ pine hall stand
witch on a broomstick
NSW Rail overhead luggage rack
wicker tea trolley and string basket
brown shelf white baskets
Vintage pedestal fan Airflow by Warner Drayton
2 boxes of LP records
Pine student desk cane sided
White 3 drawer laminated cupboard
Pianola stool
Chrome TV unit with colour TV
cane laundry basket
old pine ironing board
kitchen stool red
old pine cot
50’s blue checked Pyramid suitcase
Vintage scooter one wheel
70’s Cyclops three wheeler
Vintage scooter High Speed red
Vintage three wheeler Typhoon by Pilgrim Hi Speed metal wheels
Buddy L pedal car
Mahogany coffee table with shelf under and glass top
old SO coffee table intricate timber inlay
Folding pine book shelf
kitchen stool cream swivel
art deco 50’s smokers chrome and bakelite table
red 50’s laminex/aluminium kitchen table
red 50’s laminex/aluminium kitchen table – folding
Pair retro fluros and tubes
4 art deco white vinyl chairs
Malleys Warma kero heater
Vintage yellow Hotpoint electric heater
pine small vanity cabinet
pine 60’s sticker cupboard
Folding pine bookshelf
telephone table
teak coffee table
pine tea trolley
High backed tea trolley
SO planter stand
pine bow leg hall stand
old pine bentwood high chair
Lady of the Reef lamp
4 old pine bentwood dining chairs
Pine magazine rack
Dark stain timber stool
SO small coffee table
Old Vickers hand operated sewing machine
Small Balinese artifact table
Picnic basket
Singer Model 201P #EN642142 portable sewing machine
SO 6 x 4 desk
2 Bendigo pottery, water purifier, storage jar
2 childrens cane arm chairs
Dark stain mirror
old green cabinet door
dolls house
bevelled hanging mirror 14”x19.5”
1860’s cedar large partner’s desk
Tall vase – sunflowers
2 horse head swing
Rocket swing
Market trolley
Lewis 150 -2 Industrial sewing machine
Singer industrial sewing machine stand with electric motor
Singer industrial sewing machine stand glass hexagonal tabletop
Yamanto DCZ-203-D3 3 thread industrial overlocker/overedger
Singer 16-35 K435535 industrial HD treadle sewing machine
Child’s sewing mannequin
Singer domestic sewing machine stand
Helvetia Portable free arm sewing machine original instruction book and toolkit
Vintage dressmaker’s mannequin - female
Singer sewing machine foldaway treadle with electric power supply
Beisolt & Locke “Ana” treadle self opening sewing machine
Cedar shelf
Pair large picture frames
Octagonal laminex table
Pine bookshelf
Icebox 50’S UMI fridge
Blue cupboard
Sanyo Electric Bar Fridge
Orange stool
Grey laminex filing cabinet
2 x pine hutch tops and pine book shelves
Crown No 5 cast iron wood burning range
Cast iron Metters Early Kooka #12 gas range with saucepan rack
Westinghouse by Email Aquaria electric wall oven and grill
Cast iron electric oven Crown green enamel Model S Series 424 15.5”x10.5”
2 folding childrens stools
outdoor round aluminum table
outdoor setting bench, 2 chairs, table
Singer sewing machine base with marble top from washstand
Weber -Black
SO sewing machine cabinet painted white
Ford Fairlane Ghia 96 6 cyl gold sedan
Ferguson rear bucket
Ferguson 3 mouldboard plough
Ferguson 7 tyne tiller
Massey Ferguson carryall
Ferguson tool bar
Ferguson quick hitch hook
Old tool bar
N series Fordson (Cork) fuel tank
Ferguson PTO and belt
Ferguson exhaust engine down pipe nos and small parts
Bentall Chaff cutter MODEL CEE
Buzacotts True Diesel single cylinder vertical stationary engine Model VD Engine Number 5090 Grain elevator chain and buckets from a Sunshine Header
Vintage 1939 G Model Oldsmobile curved car boot lid
David Brown 2 furrow plough,
Howard tractor cultivator rear section only
2 row corn planter
Homemade 5’ slasher
Tractor canopy 4 legs
Tractor canopy 2 legs
Tractor bullbar suit Fergy/Dexter
New ROPS kit suit Fergy/Dexter
Apac truck hydraulic floor jack
power saw 240V homemade (red)
Belt drive cast iron power hack saw
Howard terrier (incomplete)
cement mixer 240V Ralph McKay Ltd Port Implements Division (red)
Small Metal bench lathe Herbert
Pedestal drill “The Globe” Australia 403
Pedestal drill “St Wefer System 2”
Hand tiller
Brush hook
Brush hook
2 old truck chaindogs
Cross cut saw
Cross cut saw
Sand stone grinding wheel
Seed spreader “Sowall”
Vintage fertilizer spreader Highview
Pallet of assorted vintage implement parts
Complete jackshaft
2 jackshaft parts and slippery clutch
Ajax water pump
Flat plough disk
Cupped plough disk
Horse drawn slide
Lanora hurricane lamp
RS Werner Rockhampton Wonder Poley Stock Saddle
2 way shoulder drill
Armstrong Pitcher Water Pump
Cast iron dam filter ball
Boot last
Cast iron lead smelting pot
Primus stove
Milk pail
Milk can, crushed R Shaw, Lowood
Cream can Silverwood Butter Factory Warwick no base
Billy can and frame
Lake & Elliott Braintree V821B car jack
Shelley LJ1757 car jack
Willow watering can – galvanized
Blacksmiths portable vice Goatleg
Avery ½ ton imperial platform scales
Homemade steel 2 wheel barrow with wide iron wheels
Handmade timber sack trolley with iron wheels
Timber sack barrow with rubber wheels
Sack barrow with stationary transport wheels
Large chain block no chain
Tractor seat McCormick
Tractor seat IH welded
Tractor seat JD
Tractor seat – large white
Vintage 240V compressor grey working
Vintage 240V compressor red working
Button dies and handles
Vintage Simac hand operated 60 litre drum oil
Pneumatic 60L oil drum pump
Kelso steel wheelbarrow
Galvanised steel wheelbarrow with red wheel
Galvanised steel wheelbarrow with bent front
5” Little Chief wood chipper
Pallet of tractor parts
Pair vintage wooden spoke wheels
Foot operated stapler
WW2 ice chest
Pair troop carrier gate sides (Acco)
Pair Military Acco fuel tank and parts
Pair alloy truck rear mud guards (green)
WW2 Australian army portable bench
1 gallon red fuel can with Esso embossed brass cap
2 gallon Military oil tin no cap
2 gallon Military oil tin with brass cap
4 Jerry can 5 gallon (dated)
20L scripted Mobil Jerry can
Timber Ammo crate
Metal Ammo box no lid
FMC steel ammo box 1943
Kelco steel ammo box 1972
PSC rifle box 1942
3 small wooden 303 ammo cases
Australian Army Map Filing cabinet steel military 1961
Camoflage large
Camoflage brown
Camoflage net
Signals box
Dodge WC21 ½ ton parts
PTO Kaiser M35 (High Low Reverse) - Spicer
Diff Centre 2.5 ton Chevy ratio 6.67
Pallet of Studebaker tailshaft and parts
Studebaker gearbox
Studebaker/GMC Hi/Low/reverse PTO
air filter element suit ferret
Military turntable standard pin
Set of secondhand jeep seats
Fixed pintel ring
2 tow hooks
International tow hitch
Military folding shovel
4 x Holmes shackles
Holmes rope guide
Part of a Kaiser Diamond pintel hook
WW2 jeep front diff assy
Early Holden car rim and tyre 13” HR
14”Rim and tyre suit HQ HZ Holden
G-well under body hoist ramp with pump
Bench grinder stand
Steel workshop stool
Bench small angle iron
Pedestal fan Model CS6014
Rogers hydraulic tilt tray winch with cable (white)
Garwood chain drive chassis winch (blue)
Holman pneumatic/steam winch with cable (grey)
Light hydraulic winch with cable suit small tilt
Large Olding shaft drive winch no cable
Radicon/Davleco belt drive winch no cable
Large worm drive right angle drive (green)
2 medium truck ramps suit 2-5 tonner
2 steel light truck ramps suit ute etc
Jib crane boom suit 3 point linkage
Westinghouse Tu-flow 400 compressor belt drive
TK Bedford front bumper and small parts
2 Oversize load signs on frames
Pair wind down 2 spd semi-trailer legs
Aluminium truck loading ramp
2 winch pulleys
3 x 15” low loader Spider rims and spacers and 4 15” lowloader tyres
Ball race turntable lockable with base plate 2“standard pin
Vintage One ton recovery truck crane
Small “A” frame towing bar
Tipper tailgate
Steel truck HG toolbox 56x51x31 (blue)
Galvanized truck toolbox 117x40x46
Galvanized truck toolbox 90x40x50
Galvanized truck toolbox 83x47x37
Toolbox 53x24x28 blue
Big fuel tank with cap red
Tractor fuel tank
Steel base unit suit toolbox red
Steel dolly suit engine stand mobile black
large truck fuel tank 90x66x56
Step side steel Diamond T/White fuel tank (black)
Step side steel diesel tank Diamond T/White (white)
New Humes concrete pipe 35 ID x 2.5
3 pallets Assorted 4x4 tyres and rims
3 x 28 old tractor tyres
Pallet of assorted starter motors and generators
five truck air tanks with two breakaway valves
1100R x 22.5 truck tyre
8.25 x 16 Jap 6 stud tyre and rim
truck hydraulic hoist oil tank suit tipper 65x36x43 (red) with two valves and three rams
Roc hydraulic tank (green)
Heavy winch cable
Medium winch cable
Light winch cable
Red camper body off an International
pair of Inter 190 front guards and 2 grille panels and 2 step brackets
pneumatic truck seat, 3 single truck seats
Chrome exhaust end, Rockwell dome hub cap
Pair Hella 12V spot lamps
Fancy chrome spot lamp and 2 Hella fog lamps, no globes
Pair Jap tail/blinker lamps
2 large rolls of conveyor belt
Pallet of terra firma matting
White crew cab tray with canvas canopy 1.5 long x 2.17 wide
3 safety triangles
Pallet of GMV653 parts
GM471 motor partly dismantled but should be complete
Cummins starter motor
Pair Rockwell 38,000lb diff centres
No 4 Eaton 2 spd Diff centre 5.2 road tested servicable
No 4 Eaton 2 spd Diff centre 5.2 ratio SH unknown
2 pallets of Chev engine parts
1 bundle hardwood flooring – 40 planks
Pallet of assorted lamps
Workshop mobile parts rack 3 decks on castors
Air conditioner
3 pair rubber boots
2 pair flippers
Tyco back flow preventing valve with taps, valves and fittings
Two Aqua metro fluid and Oil Flow Meters
Tack box
Tool box
Storage box
3 Galvanized dustbins with lids
Chicken feeder
Gardena fertilizer spreader
stainless steel double kitchen sink, 2 single
roll cyclone mesh
various signs
lawn aerator
Assorted irrigation pipe big and small diam
5 large hardwood planks
5 boxes of ceramic floor tiles
quantity 1” diam wooden dowel 7’ lengths
quantity ½” quarter round wooden beading
carpet board
quantity SO pre-used timber
quantity pine pre-used timber
three panel doors
pine tongue and groove doors
colonial double hung window sash
Tilt a door
3 concrete dbl laundry tubs and pair stands
3 concrete tree surrounds
iron verandah rail
old fence posts
single stainless tub
yellow bathroom sink
2 tubs pebbles
aluminium flyscreen door and windows
garden bench
plastic pots
3 garden ornaments, pots etc
tea light tree
box telephone lead
directors chairs, lounges, canvas stools and seats
boat bits
white toilet
Timber toilet seat
green toilet with lid
rustic mirror frame
qty old tent poles
vinyl stool, white stool
basketball ring backboard
tongue and groove boards
pallet rack clips
scaffolding clamps
yellow cane table setting
quantity corrugated iron
Curtain rods etc
¼ ton potato bags, suit garden tidy bags
Diesel Engine Fundamentals Training Manual
Diesel Fuel System Fundamentals training manual
Motor’s Truck Repair Manual 11 Ed 1958
Bedford KMR Advertising Brochure Detroit Diesel 6V53N & Roadranger 10 speed
Service Training Manual Bedford Trucks & Coaches, Transmission & Rear Axle 1973
Bristol Tractor Series PD Operator’s Manual
Bristol Tractor Series D Spare Parts List
Bristol 20 Data Sheets
Bristol Tractor Taurus Series Spare Parts List
Caterpillar 22 Parts Catalog
Caterpillar 22 Operators Instruction Book (Reproduction)
Chevrolet Maintenance Manual 1.5 ton (right drive) 4X2 Truck
Chevrolet Parts List 1.5 ton (right-hand drive)
Chevrolet 1.5 ton (LC) 4X4 Truck Maintenance Manual
Diamond Reo Care and Operation Diesel Powered Models
Diamond T Care and Operation P, D and C G Series, Gasoline & Diesel Models
Federal 604 Maintenance Manual 6X4 Diesel Truck 2nd Ed, Feb 1944
Federal 604 Parts List 6X4 Diesel Truck 2nd Ed, Feb 1944
Forgotten Technology and Conversion charts by Lionel Otto
Willys ¼ ton Truck Maintenance Manual
Holden Trimatic Service Manual Statesman, Holden HQ, Torana, LJ Bedford CF,
International TD6 Owner’s Manual (Reproduction)
International TD6 TD9 Manual (Reproduction)
International T6 TD6 Crawler Tractors Parts Catalog (Reproduction)
International T6 TD6 Crawler Tractors Parts Catalogue (Original)
Studebaker 2.5 ton 6X6 and 2.5 – 5 ton 6X4 Truck Technical Manual 16 December 1943
64 REO
AMF 44
International TD6, blade missing
28’ Freighter Strap Trailer Converted to tautliner
Small truck back board and body
Military truck petrol tank
International TD6, Armstrong Holland blade
Truck chassis
Chev Lendlease rear axle
1952 Chevy scrap
Isuzu SPG front ½ of an 8 wheeler scrap
36’ Freighter Strap Bogey Trailer Fair Condition
1939 Federal 604 Tank Transporter Cummins Diesl Winch Tractor unit Needs full restoration
1940 Lendlease Chevy Military Cab Chassis
Ford D1000 UD4 2 stroke single prime mover
Ford D1013 Fire truck Canadian 300 petrol
Studebaker tipper
Clayton Military Welder
Kaiser Reo Military Submersible
International R190 4X4 Tipper
KMR Bedford GMV653 single Prime Mover
Massey Harris 102 Junior tricycle tractor
Fordson Super Dexter P3-152 tractor
Fergy 1950 Petrol TEA20
Bristol 20 petrol 4 cyl crawler
Bristol PD 4 cyl Perkins Diesel crawler
Oliver 4 cyl diesel crawler
Fordson County Crawler Perkins P6 diesel
Le Roi 4 cyl tractorised air compressor Petrol
Mk II Industrial Chamberlain 6G
Cat 22 petrol/kero crawler R2 motor
Diamond T P3320 Bogey Drive 5x4 Rigid Full air 200 hp 6 cyl Petrol
Yankee Joe
Willys Jeep
Tyres SH ex army - 6 pallets x 5 1200x20 army Nato pattern (most have tubes and rustbands)
Tyres SH ex army - 4 pallets x4 1200x20 army Nato pattern (most have tubes and rustbands)

Monday, February 1, 2010


We are having a lot of interest in this crawler. A friend called in this morning as we were cleaning it up for a photo shoot. The one he had had a massive blade on it and a huge winch out the back. He described it as a fantastic dozer with tons of grunt! This wasn’t what we’d heard about them. But, we only play with them, clean them, tidy them up and show them off at the Rally’s we take them to.